Alright, so I was going to kick off the blog with a lengthy introduction, but I started rambling and decided it wasn't good enough to post yet. Alas! I want content. So here's the short-intro post.

My typical project workflow

My projects are tangentially need-based. I need or want a thing, I Google it, and find something that works and think "psh! I could do this in a few hours!" Flash forward to 1:00 am on a Tuesday night and I realize I bit off more than I could chew, just wishing I had taken the blue pill instead of falling down the rabbit hole.

Screenshot: The Matrix

After figuring out how to do my little, weird thing myself I usually leave it unpolished. I'm not very creative when it comes to UIs so a lot of my stuff is just a bare API endpoint or all back-end. I just don't possess the UI chops to make them pretty... yet.

Naturally after I crack it, I go to show it to friends and I think I look like this...

But almost surely look like this...

Hence the blog. Embrace the crazy explanations. Let's get to it.